The Cherub National Championships were held under the burgee of the Royal Corinthian Y.C., and organised by the Cowes Corintyhian Y.C. from July 28th-30th. Martin Jolliffe of the Island SC crewed by Les Wooliscroft of Wet Kirby sailed “Scoobidou” into first place for the second year in succession. The winner was decided from the best four races out of five, using the Olympic point system. There were thirty-one entries. The first day's racing was held in a fresh westerley wind, force 4 in the morning increasing to force 5 later. These boats, which with their trapezes prove very stable up-wind, were too much for some crews downwind, particularly in the afternoon when wind against tide produced a very nasty sea. In these conditions the later boats, Solent Mk IIIs by Gregory, Cason's Mk IV and Alfie Hawksworth's “Wonderous” proved more stable and faster than the original Spencer Mk II. The morning race was won by G. McCutcheon in “Gee Wiz”, from A. Hawksworth in “Wanderous” and G.C. Gregory in “Conradin”. In the afternoon it was R.C. Gregory in “Har'ta'tak” from Conradin and Gee-Wiz, Scoobidou having retired in both races.

On Wednesday morning a light to moderate westerly wind made the beat over the tide to the first mark very interesting. Although he was over the line at the start and had to return Martin Jolliffe showed supreme form by working up to the leaders on the beat. On the run and the reach he closed up further and was well placed for the last lap. In the lead at this stage was“Hart'ta'tak”, followed by “Scoobidou” and “Conradin” and four others. A windshift took “Hart'ta'tak”'s lead away and there was some close tacking inshore, with “Scoobidou” eventually pulling away to lead by about fufty yards from “Micro” (P.G. Lee) and “Wanderous”.

In the afternoon there was a running start against the tide, a long beat, and a short close reach. At the end of the first lap it was “Scoubidou” followed by “Conradin” and “Micro”. On the run the leading pair pulled away slightly by virtue of their fuller spinnakers. On the beat “conradin” pressed hard but by overstanding the last mark. Threw away her chance of winning. At the finish it was “Scoubidoo” with “Conradin” ten yards behind, and “Micro” some 100yards astern.

Because he capsized and retired in the first two races, it worked out that Martin Joliffe could only win if he won the last race and neither “Conradin” nor “Gee Wiz” were second. This he did in spectacular form with a lead of almost a mile at the finish in a light westerly wind [Martin attributes his Championship win in part to having just learned the then new art of roll tacking - Net Ed.] and although at one stage I looked as if his efforts would be thwarted by the two hour time limit, he finished with several minutes to spare. Four boats had a hard tussle for second place but in the end it was “Micro” from “wanderous” with “Conradin” fourth.

  1. Scoubidou Martin Jolliffe/Les Wooliscroft.
  2. Conradin Greg Gregory
  3. Gee Wiz G. McCutcheon
  4. Wanderous Alfie Hawksworth
  5. Micro P.G. Lee
  6. Har'ta'tak R.C Gregory

© Les Wooliscroft 1964.. First published in “Yachts and Yachting”. With thanks to Martin Jolliffe for the photocopy from his archives.

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