Cherub Nationals results for 1961

The Cherub Nationals trophy states that C Hornsey won the 1961 Nationals. However this report from the Dinghy Yearbook quite convincingly lists M Sargent as the winner, as does an almost identical report in Yachts and Yachting.

In July 2007 we recieved an email from Chris Horsey himself who explained that he did not win the nationals in 1961, so we conclude that it must have been M. Sargent.

M. Sargent and P Down sailing Stupid Cupid won the Cherub Championships sailing for the Cowes Corinthian YC on 8th, 9th 10th August with a total of 49 points. Racing was cancelled on August 8thbecause of the weather, but August 9th brought a moderate south-westerly and brilliant sunshine and there was some exciting sailing - only eight of the 21 starters came to the finishing line. 1, D Rann, 2 E Casson, 3 P Down.

There were a number of retirements too in the second race. Taking the gun again was D Rann with W McCutcheon second and Pink Champagne (A Pearce) third.

Because of the cancellation of the first day's racing it was decided to cut the series from 5 races to 4. The two final races were sailed on August 10th. Winning the first race from 13 starters was Pearce, with Sargent 2nd and Casson 3rd.

The final race, again with 13 starters, was decided afther the first round as the time limit expired before the second round was completed. At the end of the first round Rann was laying eighth so was overtaken on overall points by Sargent. Pearce, who finished first in this last race placed third overall although he competed in only 3 races.

Place Number Name Helm
1st 13 Stupid Cupid M.Sargent
2nd 12 Scamper D.Rann
3rd 10 Pink Champagne A Pearce
4th 6 Tia Maria E.Casson
5th 44 Query W.McCutcheon
=6th 8 Gannet D Isted
=6th 56 Lightning G.McCutcheon
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