Events 2023

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Open Meetings

Find Out Who's Who

1. March 4/5 - Rutland SC, Skiff Open Enter Here Notice of Race

2. May 13/14 - WPNSA, Weymouth Skiff Open

3. June 17/18 - Isle of Sheppey SC, Cherub & B14 Open

4. September 16/17 - Bassenthwaite SC, Great Northern Asymmetric Challenge 'The Inlands'

5. October 14/15 - Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth Final Fling

Currently 3 out of 5 to count with 'The inlands' non-discardable.

The Nationals

The 2023 Nationals will be held at South Shields SC between 21st - 23rd July. Enter here Notice of Race

The Blasts

A blast is a cherub event a bit like an open meeting, but without racing to get in the way of the sailing. If you would like to try a Cherub this event is organised to give you the chance to get your heart racing. Contact before the event and we'll have a boat waiting for you…

If you can host one at your club in April or August please get in touch.

Reports from previous Year's events can be found here: here (Pre 2015 here)

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