Bright and early on Saturday morning the Cherubs arrived at Chew to be greeted by a breeze of 20 – 30 knots and a Topper open. Cue the 97 rules boats racing to get on the water. Slippery When Wet took Ben B and Sam for a ride while Born Slippy under Tim and Hayley did what she does best – gets airborne. Despite mutterings about the lack of leverage his crew was providing, Tim was heard to whisper “who needs a T-foil anyway?”

Conditions eased towards the afternoon and Monkey, Riot, Suicide and Atum went out for a spin, with much crew swapping and the opportunity for visitors to have a go. It was good to welcome new faces Nigel, Jill and Sam whom we hope to see much more of in the future. Piers got the headcam going and the edited highlights will be available soon.

Kokopelli rolling up was a real treat, particularly for the visiting Kiddles who were pleased to see her so well looked after by owners Ade, Jo and Debbie. We are looking forward to enjoying more of their company this season.

With the wind dropping off all the time and the sun making an appearance, it was back to chez Trim for BBQ and beer. Proud new Daddy Kirk dropped by with news of Alexander the latest addition to the fleet, and it was great to see Hoppy returning to Cherubbing as new owner of Suicide Blonde. With lots of old friends catching up and new ones joining in, the head count on Saturday night peaked at 30+ (I think). Most of which were lying somewhere on the floor the following morning. Next year there will be another bedroom. So room for at least another 10 people.

Sunday brought more sunshine and moderate breeze (albeit somewhat inconsistent in strength and direction and several degrees chillier). More boat and crew swappage and general cherub fun ensued. With Ronin looking very smart in her new clothes, Paul and Peter took the opportunity for some tuning and tweaking. Nick and Jo took Born Slippy for a spin as a taster for what Madge has in store when she’s finished. Adem and Richard had a blast in Monkey and took some great boom cam footage (please get it posted guys). Kokopelli showed that as well as good looks she still has more than a good turn of speed on her. John and Piers put in a solid shift, cramming in as much time on the water as possible whether in cherub or rib.

So a thoroughly enjoyable and successful weekend with no breakages, not even a Topper kebab. And we’re looking good for a repeat next year.

Big thanks to: Ben and Sam for their BBQ skills; Tim for superbly stepping into the role of butler (and bed construction); Graham for rescuing Roland and the beer from pothole hell; Eddie for his dumper truck driving; and generally to everyone who came along and contributed to a fantastic weekend of sailing and socialising.


  • Atum Bom
  • Riot Van
  • Monkey Magic
  • Born Slippy
  • Suicide Blonde
  • Slippery When Wet
  • Ronin
  • Kokopelli

Suicide Blonde launching

Kokopelli looking beautiful

Riot and Suicide heading out

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