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Get Your Heart Racing

Boat Amnesty

According to Harvey Hillary there are at least 5 things wrong with every boat in a championship fleet. Each one of those things has the potential to slow the boat down. Writing down the problems that you find when sailing will make it more likely that you will fix them.

In the Cherub class I think most of us can find more than 5 things wrong with our boats. The Boat Amnesty page was created to give a place to list defects and to cross them off over the winter as they are repaired.

Natural Born Skiffers

Urgent work

  1. Build a monolithic carbon mast foot instead of the sandwich one for confidence
  2. Plug some holes! Holes drilled in transom to drain water from side tanks.
  3. Add wheels to the trolley 8-) redo a new craddle


  1. Repair the jib track
  2. Fair rudder and daggerboard
  3. Reinforce the GNAV or why not imagine a double GNAV system to allow a nice main shape


  1. Change the chute which was modified a pre-race friday night :D Note the new one is working amazingly
  2. Fill the gap between daggerboard and dagger case…
  3. bias the wheelie bar for better downwind comfort
  4. remove the paint and improve the hull fairing !
  5. work on boat porn star finish …
  6. change A2 rivets for A4 rivets on the mast and isolate them from the carbon.
  7. adapt a stiffer mast head (2008) !
  8. build a carbon toilet seat to respect a stupid late bet :D
  9. build a new stiffer daggerboard
  10. build a cleaner rudder
  11. add a spinnaker sheet retrieve system linked whith the pole

Atum Bom


  1. Bottom of board is rough after collision with the bottom of weynouth harbour. DONE
  2. Top back edge of the board is cracked after collision with crew's knee! DONE
  3. Parrell beads on cunningham are too small to get over the mast heel reinforcements.
  4. New progrip on gunwhales. DONE
  5. Fix the chine damage from Corus. (oops!)


  1. New T foil. DONE
  2. Twisty grip. DONE
  3. Outhaul has no calibration.
  4. T foil has no calibration. DONE
  5. Mainsail uptie could be better. DONE
  6. Move kite turning block to back of kite sock. DONE
  7. Ally kite hoop was carboned in and should be replaced.
  8. Sort out trolley. DONE


  1. Underaked mast. DONE
  2. Probably too little rig tension.(<200kg) DONE
  3. Stop the board from coming up with well placed attachment on floor. DONE
  4. lengthen the main/jib sheet a bit, and/or deboing it. DONE
  5. cut the excess from the trapezes.
  6. Sort out D2 adjustment.

Primal Scream

Repair Accident Damage from Nationals

  1. Wing, Gantry, Mast Bridge, False Floor DONE
  2. T-foil wing split at tip DONE
  3. Broken Jib batten DONE
  4. Small tear in Jib

Other Work

  1. Finish fitting out mast DONISH
    1. Finalize mast foot
    2. internalize spinnaker halliard.
  2. Cunningham lead high friction change block routing possibly increase purchase DONE
  3. T-Foil Adjustment needs extra purchase Extra purchase done
    1. Continuous still to do
  4. Centerboard stiff to move when fully down New deck sorted that one
  5. Rudder Jams when partly down
  6. Spinnaker Pole high friction Polished
  7. Main sheet washes out of transom
  8. Main sheet wraps around jammer.
  9. Jib sheet cleat too close to centerboard
  10. Needs paint tidying up

Ooops (again)

Urgent work

  1. Finish snout.
  2. Repair board bottom from hitting big rock in Weymouth.
  3. Fill trailing edge of board, remove paint
  4. Remove paint from rudder

Huckle ...the Maori Hunter

Urgent work

  1. Find a way of steering the boat! Rudder & stock snapped during last outing!!!
  2. Plug some holes! Holes drilled in transom to drain water from side tanks.
  3. Make the sides less slippery for the crew.


  1. Make/find/scab a new rudder stock and blade
  2. Insert some bungs into the neatly drilled transom holes
  3. Renovate light weight boom (heavy boom hurts my head too much!)
  4. Make the cunningham work


  1. give it a kite by fashioning a removable bowsprit that can be deck mounted and boom stored (for starters!!)

Slippery When Wet


  1. Finish glassing Wheelie bars
  2. Fit new smaller chute.
  3. Fill in gap around smaller chute
  4. Fit new bung holes
  5. Strenthen Snout externally
  6. Make longer pole
  7. Re position Jib cleat (which gets in way of longer pole)
  1. Fit Tfoil to rudder
  2. Fit T foil control system to rudder stock

Repairs Strengthen side decks in way of shroud plates.

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