UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

I spent my early sailing years at Brightlingsea in Essex, after learning in Mirrors getting my first Cherub (Pretty Vacant no 2521, a Jennifer Julian) in 1978 and then upgraded to a Murray number 2602, Slip Kid.

After a brief stint in Moths i spent 8 years in International 14s as a crew and 3 years as front man of an 18 foot skiff campaign, finally resting a while when children came.

A return to sailing saw an Rs600 (no crew) and then an Rs400 that my wife was happy to crew for a few years, but as my 2nd son Eddie got into sailing and found the traditional Mirror route tedious our mids turned back to Cherubs in 2007. 2685 Therapy got us back into the class followed by a new Banshee 3204 currently being sailed.

I am passionate believer in the Cherub ethos, its history, its development and its reputation in the general sailing community.

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