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Online Shop

Welcome to the UK Cherub Class Online Shop. You can buy membership of the Class Association either by sending a cheque together with a completed membership form, or by balance transfer into the class account which can be done eisily through an online bank account. So you don't forget for future years why not set up a standing order. If you do pay by balance transfer please email a completed membership form to both treasurer and secretary at

  • Account No: 06001866
  • Sort Code: 80-17-11

Item Cost Form
Full Membership of UKCCOA (1st Jan 2012 - 31st December 2013) £30 Top of Form £30 Membership Form
Associate Membership of UKCCOA (1st Jan 2012 - 31st December 2013) £10 Membership Form
Sail Number £25 Membership Form

Full Membership

The most important thing about joining your class association is that you are supporting your class. You also get invited to Cherub specific training events for improving on the water skills, Sticky Weekends for improving boat repair skills, and Blasts for improving your fun having skills. You can take part in class racing events (one person in each boat must be a member). You also get access to the members of our website and forum both of which are full of topical tips, technical hints, amusing stories about other cherub sailors, in-jokes, reports from events, news from members, etc etc. With membership comes the opportunity to make and edit pages on the website, this lets you build a page about your boat, and it's exploits, or add tips to the technical pages. Quite apart from that, you get a say in how the association is run and a vote in any ballots that may occur!

Student Membership

Student membership is the same as full membership, only slightly cheaper for bona fide students. Don't cheat, or spankings will be handed down without mercy!

Associate Membership

Associate membership is the same as full membership, only you get no vote. It is intended for non-cherub owning interested parties, or crews where the helm is a full member.

Special Offer

If you are new to the class and join after the end of August you get the following year free!

Sail Number

When you are building a new boat, before you can get it measured and compete you need to have a sail number you can put on the sail. Your 25 quid gets you the next available sail number and it will belong to your boat forever.

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