Cherub Class Mailing List

The Cherub mailing list is run to promote discussion on Cherub sailing and related topics. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion. New subscribers may feel wary about posting their thoughts or comments to the list, but we are a friendly group so don't be bashful. This list has already shown itself to be an excellent method of sharing ideas and information between Cherub sailors from all around the world. If you have questions, ask them; if you have ideas, air them.

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The List Provider

This list is provided by Freelists. Many thanks.


The subscribers are not vetted in any way, membership is open and voluntary without any restriction. The views and comments expressed on the Cherub list should be regarded as coming from the original sender only. There has never been the need to remove anyone or anything like that, and if conduct is kept gentlemanly and ladylike then there will never be such a need.

Using The list

How to Post Messages to the Cherub List

To post messages to the list, you first need to be a subscriber. As a subscriber you not only get sent copies of all postings to the list, but you can also send your own postings. To send a posting all you need do is address your email message to: mailto:Cherub@freelists.orgYour email posting will automatically be copied to all the people who are subscribers at that time.

If you receive a message from the list, and want to reply to it, take a moment to think about who the reply is for. If it is for the whole list to read, then by all means send the reply to the list address (with most email software, this will be the default address that comes up if you hit the Reply button). Alternatively you may be aiming your reply solely at the author of the message, in which case be careful to ensure that your addressing is correct. Sending emails to the wrong address, especially when that address is a mailing list with lots of people subscribed to it, has been known to cause embarrasment to the sender and recipient, and sometimes also amusement to everyone else on the list. There was a good example on the Cherub list a while back where someone accidentally posted a message to the whole list that concerned, shall we say, Après Après Sail activities…

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