UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

2007 Nationals Entries

The following have confirmed that they are coming:

No Sail Number Name Comment
1 2694 Badger's Nadgers Picking up new mast on friday morning, sailing friday afternoon!
2 2692 Natural Born Skiffeurs French contender
3 2688 Atum Bom You bet
4 2686 Primal Scream Hope to avoid the rocks this year.
5 2652 The Flying Trifle Last place is a happy place!
6 2648 Comfortably Numb Extra sticky paint may lead to early planing (or multi coloured crew)
7 2643 Taking Liberties Tinner's going DOWN!
8 2642 Little Fluffy Clouds Eek, it's July already! First time out at the nationals then
9 2603 Aggro For the weekend.
10 1494 Huckle (The Maori Hunter) For the weekend.
11 2638 Prodigal Son For Sat Sun and Monday when I find a lightweight crew to compensate for the lardy helm
12 2657 Slippery When Wet Just got to learn how to sail the boat!
13 2673 Dangerous Beans Ready to fly…
14 2693 Subtle Knife Will be there with Hoppy helming expect to see some very hungover sailing
15 2645 Cheese Before Bedtime Boat at WPSNA, Now totally psyched out after trying to keep up with A'Bom & Shiny on Sunday
16 2649 Dangerous Strawberry Got a crew and ready to represent the bistros!
17 2698 Ronin Flying high
18 2685 Loco Perro Big, white and out of control
19 2644 Suicide Blonde Yellow and speedy
20 2651 Suicide Blonde Slightly strange and in no way brown
21 2683 Pocket Rocket Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?
22 2669 Catananche Flying the Weston flag
23 2680 Nautilus Pompilius Mostly pretending to be a 12 foot skiff!
24 2655 Monkey Magic Bananas clearly ARE the only fruit
25 691 Suspense Long live the symmetric boats
26 2656 Therapy White and very cool

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