UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Stuart Hopson, known as Stu or Hoppy in the fleet, is the 2007/8 social officer ( he probably takes the drinking a touch too seriously).

Hoppy started sailing Cherubs, in 2005 when he was invited to sail Whaam, at the nationals in Newquay. It wasn't the easiest event to get to either, the story behind it is a fairly long one, but a brief summary would be something like this. 3 days before the nationals start, Hoppy gets a phone call inviting him to sail. 2 days before the nationals, Hoppy spent a good 3 hours convincing the 'rents' to allow him to sail. 1 day to go, he finds out he can't get the time of work, hmmm… what should he do… yes you guessed it he quit his job and jumped on the train to Newquay!!

Since then he has sailed in 3 national championships 2005, 2006 in largo bay where he somehow finished 3rd in Sweet Dreams, and 2007 at Weymouth, where he finnished 5th in Subtle Knife (very kindly loaned from Richard Taylor).

Hoppy has owned 3 cherubs, Eggbert the Nasty, Sweet Dreams and he know owns Atum Bom

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