UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Sandy Allan

First “sailed”/sunk a cherub in 1987:

Bought 746 on a trailer for £80, sailed it twice, partner in crime decided to try and knock a third of the weight out, using new style balsa and epoxy space frame, funnily enough it exploded at Bala in a force 0!

Since then I've had 1720, which I single handed and joyrode my kids in, and just over a year ago I purchased Flat Stanley (2705).

However the arrival of our third child means Stanley is still upside down in the garage awaiting completion oof winter work, whilst Meg (9) and Ben (7) hassle me to get them on the wire. Hope to be ready for the 2006 Nationals.

PS they were still skiing on the mountain above the loch last week 23/06/2006!

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