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Neal Gibson

Well here we my first update on the cherub website.

Well i've been sailing pretty much since I was born.

I've had quite a list of dinghies sailed in my time I started in toppers the choice of the professional of course, after a couple years in toppers I was ready for a laser this was an older laser but i learnt good gel coat repair techniques. After the laser became boring I moved into fireballs for a bit more performance for a brief spell before I took the step of buying a Laser 4000 (Yes - I had saved up that much money). After a couple of seasons in the 4 tonner I know why there are called that now. After a bout of gladnula fever I decided that was enough for sailing and to give it up for good!

This lasted 5 months. I rescued a sorry looking fireball and after spending some quality time in the living room she was ready to sail so i sold her and bought a newer fireball. I Did the 2005 fireball worlds (who didnt?) and decided that wood was not fast so bought a Winder Fireball and had much fun in her. After several knocks on the head off a hard aluminium boom and some very tiring hiking I decidded it was time to lie back and relax from the wire. Suicide Blonde came up for sale and here I am. I sail at Sunderland Yacht Club up north.

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