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Hayley Trim
I learned to crew in a Cherub, the Flying Trifle, in 2006 when despite my bruising memories of a Fireball catapulting, Roland's water withdrawal symptoms became unbearable. So I gave in. Apart from said Fireball, I had never sailed before. We were corrupted by Drs Will and Lucy Lee when they demonstrated that even a 5 foot sub-50kg girl could lift the Atum Bom hull in their garage. However we definitely took the “red pill” on a ballistic day in Weymouth in the Trifle – after that there was absolutely no going back.

We bought Born Slippy, a slug, in 2007, converted her to 05 rules and lately put her back to 97 rules again, as well as giving her a tasty new paint job. In the meantime we built Exultant Jubilation - an E5 - in a church hall in Bethnal Green. We did the entire project ourselves – hull, spars, foils, sails. You get a bit attached to a boat when you’ve done that. Sailing EJ has proved a tricky business after the very well-behaved slug (and, well, you can’t compare anything to the Trifle, so I won’t) but we love trying. And we still have Born Slippy for those particularly fruity days when there is nothing like a T-foil-less flying lesson.

We are based in Bristol now and sail from Thornbury and Chew.

I'm always happy to chat on Cherub-related topics, so feel free to get in touch.

ASCII The Trifle, in Carnac.

3206-20090921f.jpg EJ - Launch day

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