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Dave Chisholm (aka Carbonology Dave)

Hi - Yup I'm Carbonology Dave!!! No prizes for guessing which website I run!

I've sailed most classes and had a bit of success in the Gul Team Laser 4000 in '98 (with Steve Cockerill) and '99 (with Rob Larke). I did a few years in big(ger) boats, sailed in Mumm 30 Nationals, Europeans and Worlds, Melges worlds, Farr 40' World's, + 1720's for fun with my mates - while all the time working at Green Marine in Southampton where we built Assa Abloy the volvo 60 then moved onto the rebuild of the Mills 50 'Mandrake' which went literally straight to the start line and won the Round the Island! I worked for 2 years as a carbon mast builder and amongst other projects we did 5 or 6 masts for the Ker 11.3 which was neat because the company owned the first one 'Cracker', so we did a load of regattas on the South and East coast plus the usual JOG and RORC races - she was quick (we clocked 21+kts in her for about 2 minutes on GPS!) I skippered her to Ireland for Cork week (from Ipswich - go look on a map!!!) did Cork week, and on the last day she got proper smashed up and that was really the end of her. During this time we (my girlfriend Kerry and I) rebuilt F888 'Desperado' in 2001, then sailed it at the last 5 nationals ending up 8th last year and just outside the top 10 this year (bad last day!) but there were 111 boats!

The business - supplies high grade carbon materials to retail and commercial customers. Customers who are fanatical about just about every sport that uses carbon fibre - from 12“ model yachts and micro cars to 70 footers and monster trucks - and when I say everything in between I mean EVERYTHING! We've been doing a little boat building to keep our hand in and have had rudders of ours win Nationals in Fireflys and Larks for the last 3 years on the bounce. Carbonology also owns and runs a 14 footer and now owns the B1c RONIN (ex GT60 Beatrix Kiddo).

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