UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

2017 Final event - Queen Mary SC 15th October

The final event of the year is scheduled for 14/15th (racing 15th only) at Queen Mary SC near Heathrow.

The weather is currently looking very promising with 19 degrees C and a F3-4 doth days

The racing will start at 10:35 on Sunday with 4 windward/leeward races. The first 2 with club racing (approx 45 minutes a race) followed by 2 shorter (30 minute) races for Cherubs only.

The notice of race is available at: NoR

The entry fee of £25 includes Saturday blasting - all Cherubs welcome to use the water, just make yourself known to the club office before you go out sailing

Blasting to start at 12PM Saturday - with off the water around 4:30 (ish).

Saturday night accommodation available - check forum thread for this event

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