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In no particular order

  • Rich Taylor
    • Crew pays ultimate price for late bear away.
  • Lucy Lee
  • Cherub fleet experimenting with genetically modified one-legged, ultra-light-weight invisible crews.
  • Iain Christie
    • “Keep coming out of your footloops? Then try the new Gill bootloops!”
    • perhaps in a BBC style. Scotland- A freak tornado has totally decimated an entire fleet of racing yachts in the Fourth of Fifth, Lower Lager. Thunderbird 4 (International Rescue) was put on standby to over for Stingray (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) who are currently on holiday in Australia. Some readers may find the attached images disturbing.
    • City & Finance-Shares in Airbus Industrie today slumped as the French company issued warnings that deliveries of it's new A380 would be delayed. A spokesman blamed a sudden unexplained shortage of carbon fibre in Europe.
  • Jon Changi
    • “…and all that was left was this smoking boot…”
  • Roland Trim
    • “His boots had finally reached the pinnacle of evolution: walking done,E=mc2 mastered, now how to sail a cherub??”
    • “WEIGHT REDUCTION TIP #2: After getting your crew to cut his toenails: it is customary to take the crew, not just the clippings.”
  • Will Lee
    • “Waterline length is very important for boat speed, and this enterprising Cherub sailor has added an extra foot to his boat - and stayed completely within the rules!”
    • Poor boy. He misunderstood the pearl of wisdom from the race officer at the Nationals. He asked, “Gordon, what must I do to sail a cherub faster?”. The reply, so easy to get wrong, was “Boot handling, laddie, boot handling!”.
  • Tim Noyce
    • In an effort to get down to somewhere near the ideal crew weight Tim went for the lightweight 'borrowers' option. He can now sail 5 up as long as they can take cover in the boot.
  • Neil Cardno
    • After drinking in the Railway Inn until 1am, the foolish crew attempted to sail the next morning while still completely legless…
  • Daryl Wilkinson
    • Gill announce urgent product recall after serious zip failure.
    • The old woman who lived in a shoe is very upset with her new seaside apartment. “it's full of damp and mould'” she said.
    • “After the 12 o'clock starting signal this is all Prince Charming had to go on”, was the pronouncement made by the race officer.
    • After misreading the Cherub single handed racing instructions the competitor's error was suddenly crystal clear.
  • Paul Croote
    • I think that in the quest to get as much included in the 50kg max hull weight including “permanently fixed fittings”, fixing your boots to the hull is bending the rules somewhat and is not a cunning plan!
  • Tom Gruitt
    • Bootiful!

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