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New Ellway 5 Design

Kevin Ellway has sent in a preview of a design he has been working on for Patrick Cunningham, which he though my be of interest.

Here is what he has to say about it:

The Ellway 5 design combines what I've learned from the SK4 design process, 4 years of sailing Beans (a Slug) with an 05 rig, and 32 years (yes really) of sailing cherubs into the design of an all round boat.

I have moved to slightly more rounded fore and mid sections than the SK4 due to the lower upwind speeds of the Cherub. The drag predictions are around 9-10% less than a P7 at speeds up to 8 kts. At planing speeds 10kts up, the drag is similar to a Slug, although drag predictions for non prismatic forms are a bit dubious using Stavitsky.

I will do an overlay with the slug, but basically the E5 is a lot finer in the bow and shoulder sections which reduces considerably the wave drag at high displacement/ semi planing speeds.

The design is still a lot more cherub like than the Bieker. This has a huge amount of chine rise throughout its entire length.

If anyone would like this design, it is free as long as the designer is acknowledged, but I would suggest paying the CCOAUK a donation of say £10.

I hope it is of interest.

Best regards


ellway5-20061106a.jpg ellway5-20061106b.jpg

For members only there is a pdf with more views of the design ellway5-20061106a.pdf


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